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About Us

[blockquote type="blockquote_quotes" align="center" width="550" el_position="first"]The secret of a amazing photographer is someone who can find stunning light on the darkest of days[/blockquote]

Laura Berry provides unique and creative photography

in Cardiff and throughout the UK.

Her love of using natural lighting for dramatic effect enriches her photos.

She worked a a professional wedding videographer for almost a decade. She finally went professional with her photography after finding herself in high demand for event photography. Where she photographed the Kooks, The enemy and Kids in glass houses.

Since then she has photographed weddings across Europe and the UK. Experience and creative flair is what sets her work ahead of the competition. Laura’s warmth and personality means that she has become part of the family. 90% of her work coming through recommendations and word of mouth.

Photography is about seeing. You can teach someone to use a camera but you can’t teach them to see.

Laura’s work captures light in a way that breaths life
into modern wedding photography.

New Born Photography and Family Portraits

Laura’s passion capturing those precious moments has developed further through her new born photography, where she has started to push her photography to a new level. Travelling all of the UK she has been commissioned to photograph the newborns of many of the couple she filmed getting married! An honour and privileged she is proud to undertake.

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    Castle "Dream" wedding

    We cannot thank Laura enough for all she did for us on our wedding day, March 1st 2014. From the getting ready preparations right through to cutting the cake Laura was there with her camera, snapping away, half the time we didn’t even notice, making for a lovely surprise when we saw the photos. Laura... Read More

[blockquote type="blockquote_quotes" align="center" width="550" el_position="last"]

One of the nicest parts of my job is enjoying seeing my couples grow their own families and being able to share the delight of their new arrivals is priceless,


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